open restaurants:
Chinese Food Music

question: what is the band or project name?
answer: (the same as the website address)

q: who are the members of the project?
a: is a half-open architecture. the first project 'chinese food music' (see restaurants) has been realized by ** institut für universelle zusammenhänge

q: is 'chinese food music' a completed project?
a: no. the world wide web allows to update projects in any form. particular meals - or so to say the receipes - might improve. also more meals will be added step by step to the menu. you may have discovered that all yet offered meals are still exclusively vegetarian.

q: is there a correlation between the receipes of the meals and the compositions?
a: yes. though different restaurants will set up different correlations, the interpretation of receipes inside one restaurant is coherent. what will happen if one restaurant buys out the chef of another? this is not known yet...

q: is there other music by **institut für universelle zusammenhänge available?
a: yes. at you can find access to varying material from acoustic 19th century western ballads to experimental electronic material.

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